Nature on both a grand and intimate scale inspires my artistic journey.

Years spent photographing rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, trees and shells have deepened my fascination with the natural world. My sculpture is informed by this awareness and appreciation.  It is when I enter into a dialogue with a piece and it takes on a life of its own that my best work emerges. By trusting in this creative process and myself, I am able to connect with each sculpture in a deep primal way, allowing for truly organic forms to take shape.

My most recent sculptures are built in a white clay body to better explore the contrasting qualities of light and shadow.  Each piece is built coil-by-coil allowing me to respond to the energy and movement of the form as it grows and takes shape. These coils create bone-like structures through which the energy of the clay sculpture flows freely while remaining grounded and still.  After coiling I carve each piece to enhance the structure, bringing greater clarity to its undulating form.  Finally, the sculpture is burnished to bring a stone-like smoothness to its surface, which enhances the simplicity and vitality of the work.

Recently, I have become more interested in the human form, especially in the moment between stasis and movement, that moment which captures the inherent fluidity, strength and grace of the human figure.